Female hair loss and decreased immunity

Female hair loss and decreased immunity

It is very common to lose 50 or 100 hairs a day, though so many people have experienced excessive hair loss. Hair loss is a very common problem now a day. It is a big and important question that why some women lose their hair but you will find many reasons of hair loss, and most common reasons are hormonal factors, unbalanced diet, excessive medication due to long term illness, exposure to chemicals , decreased immunity and stress.

Alopecia Areata type of hair loss caused due to decreased immunity leads hair loss in women and men. The hair loss happens above the forehead and on top and back of the head. Alopecia Areata caused by an abnormality in the immune system. In this type of hair loss our own immune system attacks particular tissues of the body. For some unidentified reasons body’s own immune system attacks the hair follicles and interrupts normal hair development.

Our immune system develops white blood cells and antibodies which prevent our body from viral attacks, bacteria and germs. If we have diseases those are related to immune system then it causes mild inflammation leading hairs to become weak and fall out. These diseases are genetic or also often passed down through family. It is usually affects scalp and typically causes one or more patches of hair loss. The most common type of Alopecia Areata involves hair loss in one or more circular patches on the scalp. This area may slightly painful also. For most patients this issue gets resolved without treatment also.

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