Hyperthyroidism is a result for overactive thyroid glands

Hyperthyroidism is a result for overactive thyroid glands

Hyperthyroidism can also be called as congenital hyperthyroidism. Thyroid is a largest endocrine gland. It is brownish in color which is situated at the anterior part of the neck. It is butterfly in shape. It consists of two lobes. They are lo-bus dexter and lo-bus sinister. The lobes measures about 50-60 mm of length. If the thyroid hormones are over active then In case of women the thyroid is larger and also increases in size at the time of periods and pregnancy.

Thyroid disorders:

Thyroid goiter
Thyroid under activeness
Thyroid overactive
Thyroid nodules

Thyroid goiter:Iodine helps to produce necessary hormones to the human body. If they are not sufficient it automatically enlarges and becomes goiter. There are some auto immune problems , medications etc and substances like lithium and anti-thyroid agents. For goiter there are three patterns

1.uni- nodular: it is either inactive or toxic nodules

2.multi-nodular: it gives preference for both inactive and toxic nodules

3.enlargement of thyroid gland: it shows the enlargement of thyroid in various sizes.

Thyroid under activeness: the symptoms of this is easy to recognize. It causes due to the abnormalities,iodine deficiency. If the immune systems wrongly attacks the thyroid it causes such type of issues. If the person have thyroid disorder based on the pituitary gland,they have to take medicines through their entire life.

Thyroid over activeness: the thyroid gland is the only organ in the body which absorbs iodine. If the immune system is overstimulates then it occurs. It symptoms are weight loss,diarrhea,menstrual problems,shivering etc..,there are anti thyroid drugs which helps to slow down the production of thyroid hormones to the normal.

Thyroid nodules: these nodules ascend from the thyroid gland. These are lumps that are get from the thyroid hormones. sometimes it leads to cause the cancer. It creates problem at the time of breathing, swallowing etc.

Hence the thyroid studies did many researches to overcome from the problems. The researchers states only 5% are diagnosed for the thyroid problems. The children both with hyperthyroidism will face additional problems .Depending upon the levels of hyperthyroidism the treatments is given to the patient to overcome the issue

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