Kinga Vereczkey-Porter Gets Sanford On The Map

Kinga Vereczkey-Porter Gets Sanford On The Map

The thing that makes a difference between a successful management and a faulty one could be easily perceived when people see the power of the former in action. It is indeed a very interesting matter to survey all the people involved in a decision making process and to see the way their acts will influence the quality of the services offered. This is also true when the topic in discussion is the medical world.

Many people simply feel that there is too much to be done in such a short time as problems need to be solved as the things still run. It is impossible to shut down a clinic and to make important changes in the meantime. The challenge remains to help people out in their own condition and to tackle the problems of management and professional recognition. Many doctors complain that they do not have a strong enough network behind them for support in difficult conditions.

This is why a person like Kinga Vereczkey-Porter is considered to be one great solution to put a clinic on the map of respectable medical facilities. Until she became in charge of Sanford Specialty Clinics, things did not look as bright as they are today. The clinic was not involved in networks of medical facilities and the services offered were rather few. Usually a patient trusts more a clinic which offers a wide variety of services. In this case, he knows that if a doctor recommends him to visit another specialist, he will not have to travel a lot to do so. In this respect he will be happy to be assisted in the same place and to have his test with familiar people and places. The trust among patients has increased in a significant way and this is a huge step forwards.

All the efforts of Kinga Vereczkey-Porter and the team around her, made the clinic one of the sought after ones in the state. By offering services like diabetes education, illness distinct education or smoking help course, a number of people were attracted to the clinic. This remains a good signal as these services are not hard to offer but they are crucial for many people. It is in fact the start of a new life and learning to cope with a series of problems and a series of conditions is actually what people need besides the medical treatment.

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