Everyone Should Know About New e-Aadhaar PDF New Password

what is e-Aadhaar PDF New Password
what is e-Aadhaar PDF New Password

What is New e-Aadhaar PDF Password: Aadhaar is a 12 digits unique number on which your demographics and biometric details are stored. Aadhaar file can be accessed in the form of Aadhaar Letter which you get usually through the post, but it can also be downloaded online from the UIDAI web portal.

The online version of your Aadhaar is stored on the UIDAI server in the PDF file format, which can be downloaded any number of times by the Aadhaar holder by using mobile OTP or face authentication.

But this online version of the eAadhaar PDF file comes encrypted with password protection, which cannot be cracked easily by anyone. The sole owner that is the Aadhaar holder can only open Aadhaar PDF by entering the password.

The password format of the eAadhaar PDF file has been changed by the UIDAI in recent times to enhance better security.

Your Postal Address Pin Code which you used to enter to open your e-Aadhaar PDF will not work anymore to unlock your freshly downloaded e-Aadhaar PDF from UIDAI Portal.

All existing downloaded e-Aadhaar PDF can be unlocked by using the same old Aadhaar password which is the postal pin code, but newly downloaded Aadhaar PDF can be only opened by entering a new Aadhar Card password combination set by the UIDAI.

So now onwards once you download your e-Aadhaar Card PDF Letter, you will have to enter below Aadhar password combination to successfully unlock or open it.

The new e-Aadhaar PDF password consists of 8 characters which are the combination of your first four letters of your name in capital letters followed by the Year of Birth in YYYY format.

NEW e-Aadhaar PDF PASSWORD – Aadhaar PDF Password

Everyone Should Know About e-Aadhaar PDF New Password
Everyone Should Know About e-Aadhaar PDF New Password

Below are the e-Aadhaar PDF Password examples


Year of Birth: 1990

Password: SARO1990

Name: S. KUMAR

Year of Birth: 1991

Password: S.KU1991

Name: DIA

Year of Birth: 1990

Password: DIA1990

That’s it this is how now you can open your Aadhaar PDF with a new password. Make sure you have PDF reader software installed on your PC or Laptop to open the downloaded Aadhaar PDF file.

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Old e-Aadhaar PDF Password

The old Aadhaar PDF Password was easy to memorize by an unauthorized person if they know the location of the Aadhaar holder.

So by entering the postal code as Aadhar password, they could have managed to open the Aadhaar. But now with the recent update in Aadhaar Password, it has made it more difficult almost impossible to memorize someone’s password to open Aadhaar PDF.

So, if you have old Aadhaar downloaded with you then that file can be opened with postal code and the new password won’t work to open old Aadhaar PDF.


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