Learn Electrocardiography from a Reputed Healthcare Training Institute

Electrocardiography (commonly known in abbreviated form ECG) is an important diagnostic tool (it is also an important tool for monitoring as well as for knowing prognosis of various heart problems such as heart attack or myocardial infarction or MI) in cardiac healthcare. Electrocardiography is measurement or recording of transthoracic electrical activity of heart and its interpretation for a period of time. The recording or measurement of electrical activity is detected by electrodes (known as ‘leads’), which are placed over the skin at various points across the chest. The electrode/leads are attached to a machine and this procedure is a non-invasive technique.

What are the interpretations that can be done using ECG?

Electrocardiography can measure heart rate, regularity or health rate or rhythm of heart, size of heart, position of different chambers of heart, presence of any damage in heart as a result of heart attack. ECG can also detect presence of artificial devices such as a pacemaker. EGC is also useful in recording the effect of any drug/medication on heart.

What are the uses of Electrocardiography ?

ECG is mostly used for diagnostic purpose in humans, especially for diagnosis of various heart ailments such as heart attack, electrolyte imbalance, for monitoring therapy of cardio-toxic medications such as digoxin used for treatment of heart failure and for diagnosis of heart abnormalities. ECG is also used in animals. Another important use of Electrocardiography is in medical research.

If you plan to become an ECG technician, you have a good carrier option and good job prospect. It is important to get Electrocardiography training from a reputed Healthcare Training Institute, which can provide comprehensive understanding of ECG and handling of various ECG machines. A good healthcare training institute have comprehensive teaching method for providing Electrocardiography training to students. They have ECG practice drills so that students understand the various components ECG and how they function and how they may malfunction.

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