Learn more about Dr. Rachna Mehra and Regenerative Medicine

Learn more about Dr. Rachna Mehra and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Rachna Mehra practices regenerative medicine, which typically includes anti-aging protocols that are designed to slowdown the aging process and even reverse the aging process. She is also one of the few board certified physicians in the nation that practices regenerative medicine. She is able to help manage the changes of Menopause that occurs in women, and she can also manage the changes of Andropause that occur in men, which will help slow down the natural aging process in men and women. Dr. Mehra realizes that there is a growing demand for regenerative medicine, and this is why she offers adult stem cell treatment for arthritic joint conditions, sports injuries to cartilages, muscle tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons.

Heart disease, dementia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes and Alzheimer’s are diseases that are related to aging, and Dr. Rachna Mehra can alter the courses of such diseases. She is able to do this by evaluating a person’s nutritional status and then optimizing the right combination of fatty and amino acids, vitamins, trace element and minerals. Dr. Mehra also helps patients with weight loss. She teaches exercise physiology in order to help patients increase their lean muscle mass and reduce their overall body fat. Dr. Rachna Mehra is also able to perform aesthetic procedures such as Lasers, Botox, Restylane and Juvederm.

Dr. Mehra also provides holistic services such as massage and detoxification. She can help create a personalized detoxification program for a patient. She can do this by identifying toxicity using various methods. She believes in meditation, which is a technique that offers benefits to the mind, soul and body. It is often thought that meditation awakens a person’s creativity and healing. She believes in meditation that much that she offers consultation in meditation and spiritual transformation.

Besides meditation, massage and detoxification, she also offers other types of holistic services such as yoga and Ayurveda, which is based on Quantum physics. People, who want to reverse the signs of aging through various methods that work well, should contact Dr. Mehra as soon as possible. She is one of the best doctors around and has many years of experience. Dr. Mehra can help people live a healthy lifestyle, feel better and even look younger. People who are feeling pain should see Dr. Mehra, as she can help them feel better and help them manage their pain. Rachna Mehra MD is a trusted doctor and this is why patients continue to see her time after time.

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