The latest trend in the field of medicine is all about stem cells. Majority of the health news today are already talking about stem cell’s successful treatment to various types of illnesses. But, only a few knows where stem cells do came from and how does it harvested.

Stem cells came from cord blood and cord blood came from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby. Cord blood is taken out at the umbilical cord through injection which is attached to a blood bag. Cord blood harvesting is only be made after the delivery of a mother to a child. The collected cord blood is stored or cryopreserved in a cord blood bank for future use of either the donor or some people who need it.

Cord blood has been discovered as a rich source of blood-forming cells which are called stem cells. It contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Researchers discovered that cord blood can cure more than 75 types of illnesses including serious health cases such as cancers. That is why cord blood banking is created to store more cord blood for future usage.

It has now been popular that cord blood can treat cancers such as leukemia and severe cases of anemia. Cord blood is also used for therapeutic treatment for genetic disorders and it also helps in treating immune system disorders. Some results also shows that it can treat brain injury and repair damaged cells and has a positive feedback in treating Type 1 Diabetes.

Although cord blood is still a progressing medical research it already shows a promising treatment in stroke, hearing loss, cerebral palsy and cardiovascular health. It is also popular in several skin clinics because it has a potential result in repairing skin damage or as an anti-ageing treatment. Higher demands in cord blood are the main reason why cord blood banking continues to increase its number in population. There are also independent organizations that are helping to save cord blood by way of donation so if you want to be a part of it, you can simply visit their website at for additional information

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