Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Beetroots

Beetroot is one of the favorite salad vegetables of the world, because of its vibrant red color and amazing health values too. Perhaps, this is the reason why people try to sneak it in their daily diets, in the form of pickles, salads or the all time favorite, super healthy beetroot juice. It can add an amazing health quotient to your plate or glass and make you live longer and healthier.

Here are top 10 amazing health benefits of beetroots
Benefits of Beetroots

  1. Treats Anemia
    Beetroot is regarded as the superfood for blood as it is loaded with iron, which plays a vital role in increasing the HB levels in the body as well as treating related deficiencies such as anemia. It promotes absorption of iron, stimulates blood circulation and helps the blood cells carry more oxygen.
  2. Improved Cardiovascular Health
    Another amazing health benefit of beetroot is that it improves cardiovascular health and lowers the risk of heart attack and similar problems. It also has the ability to bring down the blood pressure levels.
  3. Lowers risk of cancer
    Beetroot is loaded with potent compounds such as betanin and betacyanin. While betanin has the ability to curb cancers of the skin and liver, betacyanin helps in preventing the formation of tumors. Betacyanicn is the substance which imparts the veggie its characteristic red coloration.
  4. Promotes digestion and weight loss
    When you make beetroots a part of your daily diet, you are doing a great favor to your digestive system as this vegetable stimulates the intestinal nerves and helps it to digest fatty food better. High fiber content makes it good for preventing constipation as well as aids weight loss process. Additionally, the presence of carbohydrates and proteins enable beetroot to give a fuller feeling without raising the calorie intake by much.
  5. Anti Ageing Vegetable
    Being a rich source of anti oxidants as well as phenolic compounds, beetroots make natural anti ageing food. They protect the cells from free radical induced damage, which makes them effective to prevent skin wrinkles and premature ageing. Moreover, it has anti inflammatory action and this makes it useful for alleviating age related ailments.
  6. Good for pregnant women
    Another health benefit of beetroots is that it makes an ultimate health food for pregnant women due to its high folic acid content. Folic acid is an essential nutrient for expecting mothers because its deficiency can lead to congenital disorders like spina bifida, in the unborn baby. As a result, a would-be mother is recommended a diet high in folic acid or is given its supplements instead.
  7. Liver Detoxification
    Regular intake of beetroots helps improve the functioning of your liver because this powerful vegetable has the ability to improve its capacity of detoxification, because of the compounds called betaine and methionine present in it. People suffering from fatty liver disease or liver damage due to alcohol abuse, can improve their condition by regular use of beetroot juice.
  8. Improved brain functioning
    Beetroot is beneficial for promoting the function of the brain. It is particularly useful for old people as it reduces the incidence of dementia in them, by stimulating the flow of blood to the brain. The vegetable is equally good for brain functioning of young people too.
  9. Improves stamina
    Eating beetroots can help you build up your stamina and improve your endurance levels, which is the reason why it is considered an ideal health food for athletes. It promotes your energy levels and also makes you less susceptible to fatigue. The reason behind this is that it reduces the consumption of oxygen by the muscles, which means that you need less oxygen while you exercise.
  10. Boosts libido
    The benefits of beetroot are not confined to the body and brain only, but also extend to your sexual health. Since beetroot is high in nitrate, it promotes blood and oxygen flow in the body, including that to your sexual organs. Also, it is high in boron, which promotes production of sex hormones. Therefore, by including this wonder vegetable in your diet, you can increase your sexual prowess.

All these reasons make beetroot an essential part of your daily diet and you can live a much healthier and energetic lifestyle by adding this delicious salad veggie to your daily plate.

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