Top 10 Best Home Remedies for Smelly Hair

People are generally judged by their appearances and hair forms an important parameter of this judgment. Beautiful and pleasant smelling hair says a lot of good things about a person, while dirty and smelly hair is enough to repel people in your personal and professional life. It can lead to a great deal of embarrassment and later aggravate into a number of serious problems such as itchy scalp, inflammation and hair fall. So, this problem has to be caught soon and nipped in the bud before it takes a serious shape. First of all, it is essential to learn about the underlying causes before proceeding to the treatment part of it.

Causes of Smelly Hair
A variety of reasons may be responsible for smelly hair syndrome, an oily scalp being the main one. People whose sebaceous glands are too active secrete excess of oil from the scalp, which may lead to it getting smelly within a short time after hair wash. Excess sweating, lack of hygiene, exposure to environmental pollutants and hormonal imbalance may be the other reasons behind smelly hair. Some people may have this problem due to a fungal or bacterial infection of the scalp area.

While one may enlist the help of a dermatologist to get rid of smelly hair problem, home remedies make a much better option because they are comparatively inexpensive and have no side effects. Here is a list of top 10 best 10 best home remedies for smelly hair:

Home Remedies for Smelly Hair

  1. Lemon Juice
    Lemon juice works wonders on skin as well as hair. It imparts shine as well as smoothness to hair in addition to making it smell good, because it cleanses the scalp and treats infections and dandruff. Add juice of lemon in a cupful of water and apply it on the hair after shampooing. Leave it in for some time and rinse with plain water, leaving hair fresh and fragrant. A mixture of juice of a lemon with a cup of yogurt can be applied on the scalp for half an hour, to get rid of fungal infection. Prolonged use of lemon juice should be avoided as it can lighten the natural hair color.
  2. Lavender Oil
    Another effective home remedy for smelly hair is lavender oil, which is to be applied to the scalp in a very small quantity after washing hair. In addition to making hair smell pleasant, the oil also reduces inflammation and itching sensation in the scalp.
  3. Honey and Cinnamon
    Boil half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of water and add a teaspoon of honey to the solution. Apply it on the scalp and leave it for 45 minutes, followed by shampooing liberally. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of both honey and cinnamon will effectively treat smelly hair problem. Oral consumption of a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder will also make hair healthier from within.
  4. Olive Oil
    Regular massage of scalp with olive oil before each hair wash goes a long way in improving the health of hair as well as scalp, and getting rid of a variety of hair problems including smelly hair. This nutritious oil sooths the scalp and also does away with itching and irritation.
  5. Egg white and yogurt
    A classic home remedy for smelly hair is egg white and yogurt, which is mixed into a thick paste and is applied on the hair from tips to ends. Leave it in for half an hour and then shampoo your hair. This mixture not only conditions and nourished your hair but also reduces bad smell.
  6. Aloe Vera
    Aloe vera is a magic healing herb, which has countless benefits for skin and hair, one of them being able to remove stink from the hair. You can apply some aloe vera gel on the scalp for some time before every wash.
  7. Garlic Oil
    Garlic oil may seem like a smelly stuff itself, but its anti fungal properties make it highly beneficial for treating the issue of smelly hair. It is available in the market or can be prepared at home by boiling 2-3 cloves of garlic in hair oil. Regular massage with garlic oil gets rid of smell causing micro organisms from the scalp and does away with the smell for good.
  8. Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar is another effective home remedy for smelly hair. Just rinse your hair with a solution, of one part apple cider and four parts water. Do it after every wash and get clean and fresh smelling hair.
  9. Tomato Juice
    A hair mask of tomato juice mixed with tomato pulp can be applied on the scalp for 30 minutes. It cools and soothes the scalp and gets rid of bad smell.
  10. Onion Juice
    Onion juice may seem like a smelly solution but it does wonders for getting rid of the smell from it. Apply it to scalp for 30 minutes and wash hair with shampoo and warm water.

Hair hygiene can play a key role in keeping them smelling pleasant and fresh, wash it regularly with a sulfur based shampoo and dry it well before tying it up. Eat a healthy and balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Avoid pungent smelling foods like onions and garlic. Apply conditioner along the lengths and not the roots.

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