Top 10 Effective Home Remedies for Poison Ivy Rashes

Poison ivy is a plant which contains a resin called urushiol, one of the most common causes of allergies in human beings. The potency of this substance is such that even brushing against the plant can cause adverse reaction on the skin. in a short period of time after coming in contact with urushiol, the person can get adverse itching and rashes on the skin and these may last as long as three weeks. Not only this, it is possible to catch this allergy by coming in contact with clothing or any other surface which has been contaminated with the substance and the more you itch, the faster the allergy spreads as the finger tips are also contaminated by urushiol. Though one may see medical treatment as the feasible treatment for poison ivy rashes, there are some effective home remedies which can come to rescue too and that also in an easy and inexpensive manner.

Here is a list of top 10 effective home remedies for poison ivy rashes:
Home Remedies for Poison Ivy Rashes

  1. Aloe Vera
    The benefits of aloe vera as a skin friendly her have been widely professed and rightly so, because the herb has the ability to heal a variety of skin infections and conditions, including poison ivy rash. Simply apply aloe vera gel over the rash area and get effective relief from the itching sensation.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar
    The next name on the list of top 10 effective home remedies for poison ivy rashes is apple cider vinegar, which is naturally blessed with a number of healing qualities. The toxins of poison ivy can be removed from the skin by placing a paper bag dipped in apple cider vinegar over the affected spot.
  3. Cucumber
    Cucumber is a cooling vegetable, with the amazing ability to heal a number of skin diseases, including poison ivy rashes. Apply freshly cut cold slices of cucumber on the affected area for immediate relief from itching sensation. Alternatively, you can also apply a paste of mashed cucumber on the spots for instant relief and cooling influence.
  4. Baking Soda
    Baking soda has alkaline properties and these enable it to extract the toxins to the skin surface by simply smearing some of it on the poison ivy rash. For the one which is more aggravated and characterized by blisters, you can apply a paste of 3 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon water over the blisters for some relief, as the paste gets dried up and is flaked off. A cool bath with a cupful of baking soda mixed in it can also be a good way to get rid of the itching sensation. Similarly, oozing blisters of the rash can be soothed by wrapping them with sterile gauze dipped in a weak baking soda solution for a ten minute period, several times a day.
  5. Banana Peel
    Another effective remedial measure for poison ivy rashes is something as simple and readily available as banana peels. All you have to do is to rub a banana peel over the rash and you are likely to experience relief within a short span of time. Similarly, watermelon is another fruit whose rind has cooling properties to relieve the symptoms of poison ivy rashes.
  6. Lemon Juice
    Lemon juice, with its astringent action, plays a key role as a useful home remedy for poison ivy rash because it can easily cut through the toxic oil present in the plant. Try to apply lemon juice at the skin which has come in contact with the plant, before the two hour spread period and you will not have to face the problem at all.
  7. Oatmeal
    An itchy red poison ivy rash can be relieved with the help of an oatmeal bath. Simply grind a cupful of oatmeal, put it in a piece of cloth and tie it on the faucet so that it is suspended in bathtub, under the running water. Fill in lukewarm water in the tub and soak for half an hour for quick and lasting relief from the itchiness.
  8. Cool Running Water
    One of the simplest home remedies for poison ivy rash is to place the skin contacted with the plant, under cool running water and rub it with a mild soap, if available. This will prevent the spread of rash and minimize the area affected by it. Warm or hot water should be avoided as it can increase the intensity of the rash, by opening up the pores and facilitating the seeping in of toxins.
  9. Cold Compress
    Like running water, a cold compress with cotton dipped in cold water or tea can help you reduce the itching sensation caused by the rash and also provide a temporary cooling effect.
  10. Rubbing Alcohol
    Rubbing alcohol is a classic home remedy for poison ivy rash as it can prevent the penetration of urushiol in the skin, if applied at once over the spot which has come in contact with the plant.

Besides using these home remedies for effective treatment of poison ivy rash, it is good to be watchful and avoid contact with the plant as you go out. You need to wash off urushiol immediately after you come in contact with the plant, before the allergy sets in, usually within 15 minutes to two hours. Avoid using a washcloth as it can lead to the spread of infection.

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